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This simple grilled tri tip steak recipe utilises a straight forward but delightful marinade, followed by a quick trip over the barbecue to seal in the flavours and keep the meat wet and delicate. Grilled Tri-Tip is a three-sided cut of meat from the base sirloin. It is here and there sold as dishes, yet our recipe today is intended for tri-tip steaks, which can be sold as one large part or a few more modest pieces somewhere in the range of one and two inches thick.

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Tri-tip first became popularised in California, where it was often served with wine at restaurants. It turned into a specialty in the city of Santa Maria, on California’s Central Coast, and right up until now you’ll in any case think that it is served “Santa Maria-style,” prepared with salt, pepper, and fresh garlic, among other flavors, then cooked over red oak wood to be seared to perfection.

Serve this grilled tri tip steak as the principal attraction with most loved sides like Santa Maria-style pinquito beans, or in plates of mixed greens, sandwiches, and wraps. On the off chance that you can’t find a tri-tip that weighs 3 pounds, use at least two pieces that will add up to 3 pounds in weight.


Grilled Tri Tip Steak

This simple tri-tip steak recipe utilises a straightforward but delightful marinade, followed by a quick trip over the barbecue to seal in the flavours and keep the meat wet and delicate. Tri-Tip is a three-sided cut of meat from the base sirloin.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Marinatin 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 35 minutes
Course Meals
Cuisine American
Servings 5

Ingredients : Grilled Tri Tip Steak Recipe

  • beef tri-tip steak -3 pounds
  • freshly ground black pepper -2 teaspoon 
  • white vinegar – 1/2 cup 
  • kosher salt – 1 teaspoon 
  • vegetable oil – 1/2 cup
  • soy sauce – 1/2 cup 
  • minced garlic – 4 cloves 

Instructions : Grilled Tri Tip Steak Recipe

  • Combine the garlic, white vinegar, vegetable oil, black pepper, soy sauce and salt In a small bowl to make the marinade.
  • Ensure the marinade is blended well, and then empty it into a resealable plastic bag. Add tri-tip steak and ensure it is covered all around. Utilizing utensils, cautiously turn the steak over a couple of times in the marinade. Seal the bag, and let the steak marinate for 2 hours.
  • Set up a charcoal grill fire. Eliminate the tri-tip steak from the marinade and dispose of the marinade. Put the steak on the preheated grill.
  • Cook for 12 to 15 minutes, turning on more than one occasion during the cooking process to get an even sear, including holding the sides against the grill for a couple of moments to ensure all surfaces are seared. Eliminate steak whenever it has arrived at the ideal temperature.
  • Rest the steak for 5 to 10 minutes. Try to tent with aluminium foil on the off chance that the rest time is longer than 5 minutes, or assuming you are trusting that different things will fall off the grill so the meat doesn’t become cold.
  • Slice tri-tip against the grain in thin pieces and serve the grilled tri tip steak quickly with the juices that gather as the steaks rest, or with your favorite steak sauce or steak spread.

Tips :

  • You can marinade the steak for 4 to 6 hours or overnight, it will enhance the flavour, tenderness and taste.
  • When you slice against the grain, you’ll cut through or across the muscle fibers, making the beef easier to chew.

History of Grilled Tri Tip Steak

Tri-tip traces all the way back to mid-nineteenth-century America, where it was discounted and ground up to be used in cheeseburger meat. It was only after the 1950s that Sway Schutz, the then-proprietor of Santa Maria Market, after getting an overabundance of burger meat, chose to get it ready and eat it like a steak. originally named and promoted tri-tip in Oakland, California, during the 1950s. Butcher and restaurateur Jack Ubaldi professed to have initially named and advertised tri-tip under the name “Newport steak” during the 1950s. Triangle tip, cooked in wine, was served at Jack’s Corsican Room in Long Island City in 1955.

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